A Podcast for your Thinking Mind!

Bait Your Hook!

Treat people how you want to be treated.  Be mindful of other people's needs and wants. 

Practice Time

To become your next best self, you have to start practicing your greatness today. It's practice time! 

Who do you really want to be?  Life Warning:  choose your identity intelligently.  

The choices you make today impact and define your life tomorrow.  Don't let your choices block the very blessings of life you seek.  

When you tend to do a lot of complaining, your mouth will get dry and you will become thirsty. I have played the “thirsty” role a time or ten before, and I have had to quench my own thirst. You can only quench that thirst when you turn lemons into lemonade. Let me explain.

No matter what form water takes, whether gas, vapor, or liquid, it’s utility to life adjusts to the water’s form because life welcomes the cycle of water. Water’s usefulness to life in that form is necessary to the flow of life at that time. Do you welcome the cycles of your life?

Simply Grateful!!

Today is a day worthy of your gratefulness.  Happy Friday!

Your value isn’t determined by the number of people that desire you, accept you or choose to be in a relationship with you. You determine your value. While you are single, enjoy the process period to solidify your internal value, so that when you do choose to be in a relationship it will be with that special someone you naturally have a sincere connection with. Your internal value will always remind you to only hold on to this person for as long as both of you are pleased, nourished and nurtured by the relationship.


Be the kind of friend you want to have.  

Sometimes your mind can be encased in wrong, disempowering, and limiting information.  You have to free your mind from encasement to grow where you want to go. Just think about it.