A Podcast for your Thinking Mind!

My Voice!

Are you getting instructions for your life from your voice? 

Am I Healthy?

Watch Now:

Am I healthy?  Something to think about. Watch this video.

After the Storm

Who you were you are no longer! Some storms change you from the core. Make sure the core is rebuilt with love.

Ever-Changing Times

Ever-changing times.

You are a superpower.  Either feed strength and courage to your superpower to create the life you want or starve it by believing in your own weakness. Your life, your choice--no matter who else you believe is ultimately responsible for you only you are here now. 

Who do you choose to show up as in this world? 

We are all unique and we should learn to have peace with that awareness. 

Are we raising robots or humans?  Something to think about. 

The Now Moment

Live in the power of your now moment

Exit the Box!

It's time to exit the box and create the life you want. 


Where are your desires trying to take you? What do your desires want you to do? What desires are you fighting right now? Do you feel those desires are good or bad?