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I grew up believing God was testing me; then life was testing me.  I now view life as shear opportunity and my view of self and my interaction (perception and interpretation) with life's opportunities to experience is the designer.  Be very selfish in your interpretation and perspective.  They should always serve your being the you that you say you are.  Life is merely the base for you to create your best life and be true to who you say you are.

No one is mad at god. Nobody at church hurt me. I left Christianity because of growth and an awareness that I no longer needed to be psychologically manipulated to live right as I value what right is, to love others as I understand love to be of myself and of others and to understand that life is precious and should be appreciated and enjoyed to the full. Leaving Christianity brought an inner feeling of freedom that really can only be experienced and very hard to explain. But Jennifer Fishburne's video on "Why I left Christianity" that she released is a great explanation to anyone finding themselves no longer as as connected to Christianity or religion in general as they once were. Here is a link to Jennifer Fishburne's video and I highly suggest you watch: https://youtu.be/yfdvTpxeLSE

You are not alone, and you don't have to find some reason to be mad at the church, the pastor, other people or even god to just GROW pass needing something. You have a greatness within you that needs your attention now. You are on land and you no longer need the raft on your back. Live your life. 

Sometimes to live your best life takes courage. Hopefully this helps a little to give you courage to do (or to feel) today what you were afraid to do (or feel) yesterday.

When Love Speaks

Love speaks. When love is speaking to your heart, you know it's voice without a doubt.  The best way to curate love continuously speaking to you is for love to speak from you.  Understanding your love from within may be the cause-substance to experiencing the sincerity of another's love continuously speaking to you.  Carrie Irene Crosby of the ATBA Impact Group LLC presents her blogpost "When Love Speaks."  If you would like to read the blog, go over to freeyourthinkingmind.com.  

To connect with Carrie, go to her website at http://atbaimpactgroup.com

Whatever your hurdles, whatever your history, you have a right to live your greatest dreams and write your own script for the story you want to tell (or sing) about yourself today. Singer songwriter LaShonda Schofield shares her story, her music and her passions that inspires us all to live our greatest dreams.

Pick yourself on the way to be who you want to be. 

Check her music out linktr.ee/Datgurllashonda


Loving yourself fully is the best way to love another. Sincere love with another starts and ends with you. You are the factor that is in all of your love relationship.

Having a closer relationship with yourself is critical to living the life you want.  Sometimes however we find ourselves on a loop of deficiency, never feeling good enough to love how we want, never feeling blessed enough to have our finances the way we want, and never feeling bold enough to create the life we want.  Some of us have gotten used to wanting but never having, hoping but never experiencing, and living but never enjoying life.   Sometimes we have to take time to brainstorm ourselves to uncover our wants but then merge our wants into our being.  

Learning to just be you can be hard working because the automatic systems in our mind have us beholden to belief systems and thinking patterns that don't get us the life we really want. You have to be dedicated to being you and let's face it sometimes we treat ourselves like the enemy. In order to stop that we have to change the abstractions that are controlling our inner systems about who we are and can be.  To read today's blog, go to freeyourthinkingmind.com

The Water’s Way

Sometimes I really do think I make life too hard on myself because I am always in a fight with myself. Learning how to get in sync with myself is not easy, especially since all I knew to do was to fight my feelings, fight my wants and wait for instructions from others. Learning the water's way has aligned me more with myself and has given me more inner direction that brings a type of peace, even in the midst of a storm. To read the blogs, be sure to go to freeyourthinkingmind.com and subscribe to the written blog posts.

An interesting perspective! Something to think about.

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