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My Peace of Mind

What if we trained our mind not to need more but to be at peace with life now, just as it is in this moment? What if this moment of peace transcends into effortless peace, without resistance and without the demand for more and more?


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Living with chronic pain can be disheartening. It can make you feel as if life is against you. But Michele Johnson, ThePainFreePA and author of "Pain-Free: Living a Full Life Despite Chronic Pain", can teach you how to live a full life despite chronic pain or invisible illness.

Sabotaging Happiness!

Have you ever sabotaged your own happiness, but didn't know why you did it or you knew why you didn't but could not help yourself?

I AM……

I am......

What comes to your mind when you think of this phrase?

Divorce is a Death!

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Two Lawyers talking divorce and the emotional impact it can have on our clients and their kids.  

Creative Word Power!

Your words matter! Your thoughts matter!

What is Your Purpose?

Have you found your purpose yet?

Are you feeling vulnerable today?  Don't fight the feeling of pain, hurt frustration, or disappointment.  Allow yourself to experience whatever emotion you feel but just don't give up on yourself or life while you are feeling it.  Let your chaotic emotions become your designing tools to the life you want. Be vulnerable, it's ok! 

Time’s Up.

Who are you becoming in 2020? Ase'! 

Sometimes people and life throw you curve balls. But it's ok!