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Is America really a melting pot? If yes, then why are will still tackling with racism and police brutality against blacks in 2020? Could it be that racism is only the symptom of a greater cause?  It's undeniable that white privilege exist in America, not because it's the will of some benevolent super daddy as I was taught growing up, but because humans built a system of laws on top of laws that intentionally and barbarically elevated and biased the minds of one group of people as white and superior over another group of people, as niggers and inferior.  And this distorted mentality on both sides have been passed down through the generations as righteous, destiny, and impenetrable. It's time that we manifest a new destiny!

Dr.  Pinn is a Professor of Religious Studies at Rice University, and he has written a great number of books that are worthy of your attention.  He will enlighten you with his analysis and elevate you with his hope that we as humans can solve our own problems.  

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