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Is Religion Needed?

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Jeremiah Camara is a visionary and is extremely logical.  And as I allowed myself to listen more to his content like Slave Sermons, other interviews he had on other media, and read his books like Doubting Thomas, I couldn't deny, even when I wanted to, that he made some excellent logical and very reasonable points. And because I was focusing my life more on becoming the student and teacher of my own life by expanding my thoughts, learning myself, teaching myself, challenging myself and designing the life I wanted to live, I could not deny that religion came with a lot of parameters that I could no longer be beholden to if I truly wanted to construct a life of my design.  And eventually this led me to a question that I now ask you:  is religion needed?

To learn more about Jeremiah Camara visit his website at jeremiahcamara.com.  

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