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No one is mad at god. Nobody at church hurt me. I left Christianity because of growth and an awareness that I no longer needed to be psychologically manipulated to live right as I value what right is, to love others as I understand love to be of myself and of others and to understand that life is precious and should be appreciated and enjoyed to the full. Leaving Christianity brought an inner feeling of freedom that really can only be experienced and very hard to explain. But Jennifer Fishburne's video on "Why I left Christianity" that she released is a great explanation to anyone finding themselves no longer as as connected to Christianity or religion in general as they once were. Here is a link to Jennifer Fishburne's video and I highly suggest you watch: https://youtu.be/yfdvTpxeLSE

You are not alone, and you don't have to find some reason to be mad at the church, the pastor, other people or even god to just GROW pass needing something. You have a greatness within you that needs your attention now. You are on land and you no longer need the raft on your back. Live your life. 

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