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Is America really a melting pot? If yes, then why are will still tackling with racism and police brutality against blacks in 2020? Could it be that racism is only the symptom of a greater cause?  It's undeniable that white privilege exist in America, not because it's the will of some benevolent super daddy as I was taught growing up, but because humans built a system of laws on top of laws that intentionally and barbarically elevated and biased the minds of one group of people as white and superior over another group of people, as niggers and inferior.  And this distorted mentality on both sides have been passed down through the generations as righteous, destiny, and impenetrable. It's time that we manifest a new destiny!

Dr.  Pinn is a Professor of Religious Studies at Rice University, and he has written a great number of books that are worthy of your attention.  He will enlighten you with his analysis and elevate you with his hope that we as humans can solve our own problems.  

Is Religion Needed?

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Jeremiah Camara is a visionary and is extremely logical.  And as I allowed myself to listen more to his content like Slave Sermons, other interviews he had on other media, and read his books like Doubting Thomas, I couldn't deny, even when I wanted to, that he made some excellent logical and very reasonable points. And because I was focusing my life more on becoming the student and teacher of my own life by expanding my thoughts, learning myself, teaching myself, challenging myself and designing the life I wanted to live, I could not deny that religion came with a lot of parameters that I could no longer be beholden to if I truly wanted to construct a life of my design.  And eventually this led me to a question that I now ask you:  is religion needed?

To learn more about Jeremiah Camara visit his website at jeremiahcamara.com.  

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This is an interview with Marcus Small, the creator of the documentary The Melanin Code.  Marcus Small is an American Filmmaker who is ready to face the issues in the African American community, not with complaint or silent shame, but with possible solutions and confident action.  Marcus Small wants to change what we as a people have been consistently doing, so we as a collective can have a different result in each and every area of our lives.  It's time for a paradigm shift in the African American community.  The Melanin Code is a "Solutions-Based film."  To purchase or rent the documentary, go to themelanincode.com.  Follow Marcus Small on Instagram at @melanincode



This has been another week that just weighed heavy on my heart.  Another senseless killing of a king. The deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Sean Reed and others are just too much.  I have a son.  I have nephews. I have cousins.  I have other family and friends.  I sometimes feel like losing in this world is a black person's fate, but it is not. I realize now that we have just been seeing life through the wrong prism.  It's time to change the paradigm by which we live and by which we believe and then we can live in perpetual wins. We can stop the madness that has haunted our people.

Are you ready for a win?  


I shall never forget.  That's all I got to say.    

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If you could ask the magic genie for anything you want (for you), what would you ask from the magic genie?

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This is a candid discussion about the possible pitfalls to some of the free money opportunities under the CARES ACT. We discuss possible traps with PPP and EIDL loans that could turn free money into new debt. We discuss mortgage issues that could arise from the mortgage relief benefits under the act. Don't lose your house or get in more debt that you don't need chasing free money. It might just not be free when the obligation becomes due and the crisis subsides. Eleanor Haynes is an attorney in Houston, Texas. Her website is hayneslaw.com Preston Anderson "The Tax Genie" is in Naperville, IL. His website is anderson.tax La Shon Fleming Bruce aka Shonspeaks is an attorney in Houston, Texas. Her website is flemingbrucelaw.com

Let’s Fade Out Fear!

Let's fade fear out.  We are in this life together. 

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This podcast discusses what we should know about Covid-19, what we don't know about Covid-19, and what steps we should take to protect ourselves and others around us. Three doctors with three separate specialties in medicine giving it to us straight, no filter, so that we can chew on the truth of what we know and the truth of what we don't know and make better life and health choices as we adjust to our new normal. We have Dr. Nichole Fleming Cole from Houston, Texas who is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Damarcus Baymon from Boston, Massachusetts who is an Emergency Physician, and Dr. Berthrone L. Mock-Muhammad from Mississippi who is a Cardiologist. For other written content, check out our blog at www.freeyourthinkingmind.com. #coronavirus #covid19 #doctorslife

The Myth of a Great Life

The only point I want to make in this blog today is don’t hold so tightly to titles or labels that you miss out on experiencing the actual substance of what you really wanted.  Have you allowed your fears of letting go of the so called good life make the possibility of having the great life that you actually want just a myth?


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