A Podcast for your Thinking Mind!


Where are your desires trying to take you? What do your desires want you to do? What desires are you fighting right now?

If you have entrepreneurial dreams, you will want to listen to this.  Let's build something great. 

Burn the Picture!

Life is a sum total of your choices and the experiences that come with those choices.  When that good feeling of a choice goes away, always be willing to burn the picture and choose again.  

Truth Is…..

Does "love" really make you play the fool's role or is it just your unwillingness to accept the truth? Read "Truth Is" and decide for yourself.

I am sure I have numerous internal barriers to sincere love with another.  In this blogcast today I share a major one with you.  What are some of your barriers to love?

Mental Prisons

"I didn't even want that!"  Have you ever thought that before?  Do you have repetitive moments of time where you are you operating (living) in "mental prisons"?  Whose in control of your mind?  

Are You Still Competing?

Why are you competing again?

Remember a Time!

Remember a time!  Memories are made in the now. 

The Greatest Story Ever Told

What is the greatest story ever told?

What does consciousness means to you?