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This podcast discusses what we should know about Covid-19, what we don't know about Covid-19, and what steps we should take to protect ourselves and others around us. Three doctors with three separate specialties in medicine giving it to us straight, no filter, so that we can chew on the truth of what we know and the truth of what we don't know and make better life and health choices as we adjust to our new normal. We have Dr. Nichole Fleming Cole from Houston, Texas who is an Obstetrician-Gynecologist, Dr. Damarcus Baymon from Boston, Massachusetts who is an Emergency Physician, and Dr. Berthrone L. Mock-Muhammad from Mississippi who is a Cardiologist. For other written content, check out our blog at www.freeyourthinkingmind.com. #coronavirus #covid19 #doctorslife

The Myth of a Great Life

The only point I want to make in this blog today is don’t hold so tightly to titles or labels that you miss out on experiencing the actual substance of what you really wanted.  Have you allowed your fears of letting go of the so called good life make the possibility of having the great life that you actually want just a myth?


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With so much going on in the world, your perception matters, especially when it comes to life and death.  www.freeyourthinkingmind.com

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Trust Yourself

It's hard to trust yourself when everything around you seems outside your control. But this is the best time to trust yourself.

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“Chew that Shit!™ is the process of critically reviewing information before we adopt it as a belief, value or truth. Chairta Franklin helps us to understand the importance of processing information before we make things absolute in our lives.   

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Who are you?  Are we in control of who we choose to show up as in this world?  

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7 Seconds - Part 2

Are you willing to undo old information that doesn't serve who you want to be today? This blog is a continuation of the 7 Seconds blog and how an experiment showed that our decisions are made by our unconscious mind 7 seconds before we become conscious of the decision we were going to make.  Who has input controls of your subconscious mind?  www.freeyourthinkingmind.com 

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7 Seconds - Part 1

Is free will an illusion?  Part 1 of a 2 part blog. 

The Devasting Diagnosis!

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In this episode, Shonspeaks interviews the author Dr. Sharline Mashack about her new book "Spectrum Secrets." Although this book is centered around autism, it is so much more than that. The transformational emotions and eventual acceptance of life as it is demonstrated through people's stories when facing a diagnosis that they didn't expect about their child is awe-inspiring. This book is a usable tool not just for parents or family members of autistic children, but for anyone that is dealing with an unmet expectation in any area of life. We all have unmet expectations where we have to learn how to adjust, find acceptance and embrace the now of life. This book helps with the adjustment process. Check out an excerpt of her book at www.freeyourthinkingmind.com from the blogcast for February 14, 2020. Also, this episode is available on YouTube at the "FYTM Network" channel.

Don't let the criticisms or the praises of others block you from living your dreams.  This is your life and you have the right to live in your dreams just like Jimmy.